Mini Militia Mod APK Download – Latest 2018 Mod Version

Mini Militia Mod APK Download: Are you struggling to win in mini militia game with your friends? Are your friends defeating you in the game every single time?

Yes, I presume you are into that ailment!

It’s because you are looking for the Mini Militia Mod APK Download links. You’ll get the working mini militia mod download links in this post. By downloading the mod version of the game you’ll be able to defeat your friends for sure since it has got premium features like super health, boost, unlimited ammo and a lot more things.

Ain’t this amazing?

Well, let me make one thing very clear. This mini militia hack version works on every Android device and there’s no chance for this APP to not work on your device. You might have browsed a lot of other blogs reading about this hack and most of ’em might not have worked even. But this won’t be of such sort.

So, when you see the game download stats in Play Store, it has got 50 million downloads! That’s really an impressive amount of people playing the game. It’s humorous to play the game with some extra privileges. What say?

Download Mini Militia Mod APK 

So as I said, you’ll find the latest version of mini militia Mod APK here where you’ll get access to these premium features.

Unlimited health: Firstly the health. You can access a lot of health boost through this mini militia mod game. That’s the main feature which most of the mini militia gamers want for. If you have good health in then you’re not gonna die early or too often. So if you do not die too often there’s a concrete chance for you to kill others easily.

Unlimited flying power: Yes, you not only get access to the nitro but also to unlimited flying power. You can find cylinders in the game. On absorbing the cylinder type structure you get access to unlimited flying power. So, in the mod version, you can have access to that as well which is actually amazing.

There are a lot of more features of the game. The best part is, it’s available for completely free of cost!

Mini Militia MOD 2018 – More About the Game 

Okay. So before you get into the download part of mini militia, let me enlight you with some of the details of the mini militia 2018 mod game. So, mini militia is an online game which you can play with your friends. You can either team up with your friends and play against someone else or you can play against your friends as well.  The game can be played by 12 players using local wi-fi or with a normal internet connection.

The download links of the Mod version of the game is attached the bottom part of the post. Kindly navigate to that part if you just want to download the game and start experiencing the mod.

You can also sharpen your shooting skills offline. It’s easy to get into the practice and develop your skills so that your accuracy goes higher in the game. You get a lot of weapons in the game. The game has got more than 1,200,000 reviews and has around 10 Million downloads

So if you just want to download the normal mini militia game then you might like to move over here. Here you can download the normal mini militia game (no MOD).

   Download Normal Mini Militia

Features Of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia APK Latest Version


  • Online Multiplayer via Game Center – So you can play Mini Militia online with your friends. As I told above, you can either team up with them or play against with them. A total of 8 players could play that.
  • Local Multiplayer via Wifi – You can also play the game without an internet connection. You can set up a Wi-Fi connection and have all the things done. That’s very easy to set up though. That would not cost you a single penny.
  • Intuitive Dual Stick shooting controls – The good thing is, you can also have dual stick shooting controls which are really amazing.
  • Open world maps – You also get open world maps there. Just choose a location from the map and you are good to go with the game.
  • Rocket boots for extended vertical movement
  • Dual wield with handguns
  • Melee attacks
  • Zoom control on various weapons
  • Team Battle

Weapons in Mini Militia Game

Okay, so you might now ask, which are some of the weapons in Mini Militia Game? Well, you get a lot of weapons there. But my personal favorites are as follows.

  • MP5
  • AK47
  • M4
  • M14
  • SMAW
  • M93BA

Which one of them is your personal favorite? Do let us know about it in the comment section.

Doodle Army 2 Hack

So there are two versions or mods of the game. First, it’s the Pro pack and the other is the Mega mod.


Doodle Army PRO PACK HACK: If you want to download the Doodle army 2 pro player pack for free then kindly press the black button you see below. On clicking that you’ll be redirected to a download page where eventually you’ll be able to download the doodle army 2 pro player pack for free.

So what’s in the Mini militia Pro pack?

You’ll get a lot of features which includes – unlimited ammo (you get a lot of ammo by which you do not have to change your favorite gun if it runs out of ammo), unlimited nitro (You don’t have to search for the cylinder type structure to get the feature of unlimited nitro, it’s already embedded in the doodle army pro pack version).

And my personal favorite is the ONE SHOT KILL feature which implies, you can kill your opponent just by one shot, no matter in which place of the body you shoot, the opponent is destined to get killed. That’s the feature I like the most because, on the contrary, your opponent might be hitting you with bullets as well but you just shot once and the opponent is gone. I’m sure you’ll like that feature as well.


Download Pro Version Free 

Doodle Army Mega MOD HACK: To be honest, there is a heap of mods available in the market. They are developed by various mod makers. But from them, the one which stands to be one of the best is the Doodle army mega MOD hack!

This mega mod hack gives you unlimited health and some more features which are similar to the Pro pack of the game. You also get unlimited flying power in the mega mod version of the game.

You can download the Mega Mod version of the game by clicking the button below.

Download Mega MOD Version FREE


How to Install and Download Mini Militia MOD Apk

Okay, let’s start with the download instructions of the game.

STEP 1: Download the MOD version of the game by clicking on the download button above.

STEP 2: After it is downloaded, install it.

STEP 3: It might ask you for allowing unknown sources downloads. Just allow “Unknown source” from your Android settings.

STEP 4: After it is downloaded, move to STORE. You can navigate to that section by going to settings at first and then enter the store.

STEP 5: Check if the items are already purchased. If not buy as much as you can with your hack coins. The hack usually comes embedded in it. Most probably you do not require to buy.

Do you need a rooted Phone to Run Mini Militia MOD?

A lot of people has been asking this same question over and over again. So, do you need a rooted phone to play the mini militia hacked version? The answer is NO.

There are some websites which have the mini militia download links in them. They might need the root access to your phone. But in this case, you do not need to have a root access to your phone. You just need a phone with a good speed. That’s all.

You can run this modded mini militia game on any Android device you want to. Let me also make this clear that, you can also run the game in modded Android device. It works everywhere!

Final Words on Mini Militia Hacked Version

So did you like the mini militia mod apk post? Did everything work for you?

If you are facing any queries regarding the Mini Militia hacked version, do not forget to let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help you in the same. Also, you might like to read or download the other games on APK MOD Downloads as well.


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